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Updated: Thursday, February 27, 2020

Dining Rooms Are Back! Here’s How to Create One You Love
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

But that may be changing. The American dining room has lost its footing over the years to expanded kitchen eateries and admonished for its lack of use, but the formal dining room is making a strong comeback, said BCC Builders.Use these tips to make your dining room pop.Pick the right tableScale matters. A table that is too bigor too smallcan thr...

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Live Like a Celebrity With These Budget Baller Home Features
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

The one thing most of their homes have in common: incredible features you have to be incredibly rich to pay for. But you can get some baller features without spending big bucks. Heres how.Gourmet kitchenGet a look that seems like it came right out of the pages of a shelter magazine without busting your budget. The trick: a little ingenuity and a...

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Ask the HOA Expert: An Owner Demanding Board Meeting Minutes For The Past Five Years
Written By: Richard Thompson

Answer: What you describe is a common tactic to gain control. The logic goes something like this: All owners have a right to most HOA information and records. So, an owner that is unhappy for some reason initiates a series of demands with the message that "I want it now or else"Getting the requested information is secondary to keeping the board ...

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How Google Chrome Plugins Have Become the New Best Friends of Realtors
Written By: Fernando Nunes

What if we were to tell you that theres an easier way to improve your productivity and operational efficiency as a realtor,nbsp;andnbsp;ba>Efficiently handling emailsThis is one of the biggest bugbears in real estate. Unorganized email inboxes can be the difference between closing or losing a sale. Its not worth losing track of email conversatio...

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February Real Estate Roundup
Written By: Realty Times Staff

Freddie Macs results of its Primary Mortgage Market Survey shows that "This weeks mortgage rates were the second lowest in three years, supporting homebuyer demand and leading to higher refinancing activity. Borrowers who take advantage of these low rates can improve their cash flow by lowering their monthly mortgage payments, giving them more m...

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Five Valuable Think-Ahead Home Projects
Written By: PJ Wade

Buyer tip: If youre shopping for a home now, consider a realistic time frame for must have changes and required maintenance.The best time to make plans for a season is during that season in the previous year or at least two seasons ahead of that season. That is, this winter decide what has to be up-dated or renovated to make your home safe, fun,...

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Moving Down: Eight Things You Need to Know
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

You might need to downsize your furniture, too.Whats one of the first things we say when we tour a new home: Our furniture would fit perfectly in here. But if youre downsizing, that might not be the case. You may have fewer rooms to furnish, and the proportions of the rooms you do have may be smaller.nbsp;If youre looking for a smaller place for...

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“Mattress Money” and Mortgages
Written By: David Reed

One of the more important things lenders look at when evaluating a home loan application is how much money is available for the transaction. There needs to be funds showing enough money for the required down payment, if any, closing costs and some extra funds left over after closing called cash reserves. Cash reserves are counted as the number o...

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How to Save Time, Ease Workload with Online CRE Management Platforms
Written By: Ryan Letzeiser

Kladok is one of the newer online management platforms looking to shift this trend. Having one centralized platform tailor-made specifically for CRE professionals including brokers, property owners, lenders, investors, and insurers -- saves time and makes it easier for real estate professionals to juggle details on assets and deals.Portfolio and...

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Tips for Updating Your House in an Up-and-Coming Neighborhood
Written By: Harris Johnston

Exterior paint can also help your home stand out in the neighborhood, offering more foot traffic and curb appeal should you decide to list your house. Especially considering how inexpensive a few buckets of paint are, repainting parts of your home can give you a huge return on investment.Remodel your bathroomOne of the most popular areas to remo...

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7 Affordable Decorating Ideas for A Lovely Patio
Written By: Brad Miller

Try Vertical GardeningThere is no such rule that you can only use the grounds surface for planting. Why not add a t>Use FabricThe right use of fabric can give you privacy, sun protection, and soothing ambiance as well as the right amount of softness and drama. There are many choices of outdoor fabric available today ranging from flowy curtain ty...

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Growing Wealth in the Vacation Rental Market: Advice for First-Time Investors
Written By: Katie Conroy

The Right SpotFirst, think like a vacationer. You want a place in a beautiful and easily accessible natural setting, with lots to do and see. For many people, that means the beach. For others, it could be a mountainside cabin. Remember, people are looking for an unforgettable experience, a vacation theyll reminisce about for years. That makes th...

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4 Home Security Features to Increase Safety and Peace of Mind
Written By: Carol Evenson

There are a million scenarios like this each year--in fact, 3.7 million of them. Of these 3.7 million homes with break-ins in the United States, only 17 had some sort of security system in place. How safe are you in your home? Do you have any security features in place to protect you and your family in case of a break-in or other emergency?If yo...

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Ask The HOA Expert: Can The Board Modify Architectural Design Policy?
Written By: Richard Thompson

Answer: This kind of policy is generally amendable by the board when its in resolution form a separate document outside the recorded governing documents. If the policy is part of the governing documents, a vote of the members is needed. But even if the board has the authority to amend, it is strongly recommended that proposed amendments be circu...

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Jeff Bezos Didn’t Use an Agent to Buy His $165 Million Estate. Here’s Eight Reasons Not to Be Like Jeff
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

The property is, admittedly, stunning. Geffen reportedly auctioned off about 11 million worth of original furnishings, which he deemed too musty and museum-like, after he purchased the property, said The Los Angeles Times. But he did keep an imported wood floor"said to be the one upon which Napoleon proposed to Josephineas well as the paneled wa...

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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Ask the HOA Expert: An Owner D...
Answer: What you describe is a common tactic to gain control. The logic goe...

Live Like a Celebrity With The...
The one thing most of their homes have in common: incredible features you have to be incredi...

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